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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Stormer 2.0 Stop-Motion Test

To prepare for the filming of "Hero Factory: Jailbreak" that will begin next month, I decided to put together a quick stop-motion test with Stormer 2.0. I think it went pretty well, but I need to work on that walking...

Friday, 12 August 2011

Hero Factory: Jailbreak - The Basics

Hey guys, today (in my first blog post) I'm going to be laying out the basics of my upcoming LEGO Hero Factory movie, "Hero Factory: Jailbreak". The basic premise of the film is that all of the villains from each of the 3 Hero Factory era's so far have been broken out of jail by a mysterious criminal only referred to as "GUV". The Heroes have to return the crooks to their cells and apprehend the villainous "GUV".

I have got voice actors for most of the characters now, here is the cast list at present:

TBA = To Be Announced.

Preston Stormer - Hutch ProDucktions
William Furno - TheEvilWitchDoctor
Dunkan Bulk - Randiction
Jimi Stringer - Jim'n'Bob Productions
Mark Surge - LegoLee329
Natalie Breez - Macku2222
Nathan Evo - BionicleTV21
Julius Nex - Hewki999
Rocka - EAK43
"GUV" - Jim'n'Bob Productions
Von Nebula/Von Ness - Awsomness257
Xplode - Pukeslot
Meltdown - MakutaDreadscythe
Corroder - Gab2671
Thunder - ThePolyMaster
Rotor - Jim'n'Bob Productions
Drilldozer - LegoSkrall
Jetbug - SixshotReviews2
Nitroblast - MaxTech21
Fire Lord - MakutaDreadscythe
Witch Doctor/Aldous Witch - Pukeslot
Professor Nathaniel Zib - Jim'n'Bob Productions
Akiyama Makuro - Jim'n'Bob Productions
City Leader #1 - Jim'n'Bob Productions
City Leader #2 - Hutch ProDucktions

The movie will be officially released on 11/11/11 (November 11th 2011), but if you visit this blog on November 4th, a week before, you will be able to see it early! How is this possible? I will upload it to YouTube on November 4th as an unlisted video (a video that only those with the link can see) and post the link here, so you will be able to watch it. When it reaches November 11th, I will make the video public for everyone to see.

The stop-motion in the film will be produced using MonkeyJam, an extremely effective stop-motion animating program. I will then piece it together with Windows Movie Maker, and special effects will be added by Hutch ProDucktions in Sony Vegas Pro 8 once I have done so. I hope you enjoy the movie, and I'll see you later!